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Traditional-style sweet and crunchy Unibic ANZAC Biscuits, proudly produced in Australia by an Australian-owned and operated company. Made with locally-sourced ingredients, Unibic ANZAC Biscuits celebrates who we are in every bite.

Legend has it that the eggless, sweet biscuits we know today as Anzac biscuits were sent to the Anzacs at Gallipoli in World War 1. Find out more about Anzac biscuits history here.

For an overview of the landing at Gallipoli and the Gallipoli campaign, visit the Anzac History page.

Learning about the legacy of the first Anzacs and what Anzac Day is all about is an important part of growing up in Australia and New Zealand. We’ve put together some Anzac Day activities, posters and worksheets for primary school kids to help them start to understand a bit of our history. You can find these at the School Resources page.

One of the most important parts of Anzac Day – and, indeed, celebrating who we are as nations today – is commemorating those who fought and died so that we may have the freedom that we enjoy today. You’ll find links to state and national war memorials and returned services’ associations on the Useful Links page.

Modern Baking Company is proud to produce the iconic biscuit of Australia and New Zealand, one with a history of both love and sacrifice. To find out more about Modern Baking Company, visit our corporate website.